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Thursday, July 31, 2008

One down, two more to go!

I won't be 'publishing' the next chapter(s) of Project until I get three of the four "introductions" done. One reason is because there are some cross-continuity issues that I want to make sure don't occur or are fixed in one shot as opposed to many updates later. XD

The other reason is because of the "game design" mechanic of the story. If this was a game, sephzero and I imagined that you would have to play through each of these three character introductions, after which the fourth character introduction is opened. And from the last introduction you would get into the game where all four characters are playable.

Yes, we loved this concept in the Wild Arms games (the first three anyway, never played the 4th and 5th did not use this mechanic).

Though I thought that the third one would be hard, the one I decided to write second is turning into a bit of a staller. Most likely because this was the last and latest character we created, becoming necessary because the original "female" component of the party left the group dynamic unbalanced. Hopefully they will work better this way though most of the later RPG games use three-person parties...

Oh well. I really like 'female A' and if 'female B' is necessary to make interactions smoother, then I will figure out how to do this. Not that I don't like 'female B', I just haven't had her on the storyboards as long.



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