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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Moushiwake arimasen!!!!

I have no excuses, other than the writing muse/torturer really hasn't been with me. It only hit me again last week or so, starting with realizing that there really was a Gaiden for Ohkami Mineko's Dragon Knights. And she's supposed to continuing Dragon Knights in some fashion after she finishes a (hopefully short) serialization of something else. Though since it is still running in Wings, as a monthly, and given her track record, I won't be seeing that for awhile... Ah well, it would only be fodder for "Fate Undone", a most likely shameless Dragon Knights "dream" story <-- self-insertion.

At the very least, to sephzero's joy(?), I'm getting off my lazy bum to start writing my section of our Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, PROJECT KH.

Though to be perfectly honest, I will be writing the vast majority of it.

Like Fate Undone and Fifth House (a Harry Potter universe), it is mostly plotted out. Project (our nickname for Project KH) has gone through a number of revisions, mostly in setting up the characters that Sora will be primarily be interacting with though I really like our final group.

Oh, and Riku insisted on being a problem. As in, what is he doing through all of this? XD One might think we have more love for Replica than Riku if you could eavesdrop on our brainstorming sessions.

Anyway, the silly thing is that sephzero is supposed to write Part 1 of Project which he HASN'T FINISHED YET (he doesn't read this anyway) and my section runs right off of that. He says what I've written hasn't conflicted (we're big on continuity) but I wonder...



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