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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yahoo! (not the site)

I finally finished revising 7th Fantasy and I got a new chapter up for it. Though it took forever for me to figure out how to write the middle section. But now I can move on to Cosmos Canyon for most of the revelations to come to light, or did I have a bridge chapter with Tseng in there...

I'm still working on Zirconia, writing completely original stuff is time-consuming and takes longer for me to get the flow.

As one might guess, the next major arc for Duel Legend involves Pegasus but first I think I'll end up having a chapter more devoted to dueling. Oh, and Jounouchi finally shows up. I like him only a bit more than Anzu (she has good points but for some reason she keeps rubbing me the wrong way).

I haven't even looked at my Slayers stuff yet. I will be continuing Slayers World Bible and I'm still working out an Interlude story for a new original character who will play a part in Lina's later adventures, whether Lina likes it or not. Bwahahahaha.

Oh yeah, it's my birthday so my mom bought a small ice cream (bunny) cake. Mint flavored ice cream, my favorite. And one of my Amazon orders came in, so I have the Murder Princess OAV Volume 1 with DVD collection box, Murder Princess manga volume 2 (heavy influence on the Zirconia story), the single for Wild Arms Vth Vanguard theme 'Justice to Believe', and the Kingdom Hearts Complete Soundtrack. I love the CD pouch that came with it, Roxas and Sora sitting side by side eating seasalt popsicles!

My Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ still hasn't shown up yet.

If my other Amazon order (YuGiOh Duel Monsters DVD boxes 1 and 4, about 20 episodes each, end of battle city and the ancient egypt arcs to the end respectively) shows up before that game does, I'll... I'm not sure what, but my Japanese PS2 is going to be busy for awhile.



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