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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Romeo X Juliet SAIKOU!!!

Gonzo's newest anime, an adapatation of Shakespheare's Romeo & Juliet, at least started off with an interesting premise. And I love Lena Park's rendition of "You Raise Me Up"!!! I've left the official webpage open ( to keep the music streaming. For some reason, trying to play the videos keeps skipping.

That did completely distract sephzero and I with our own version, intermixed with about 7 other stories (at last count), convulated and unnecessarily complicated to fit our tastes. Heavens know if I'll get around to writing it. Maybe after 72 more hours of listening to this track.

I have my two YuGiOh Duel Monster boxes and no Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Plus!!

Though it is nice to finally see on YouTube videos of the Knight. It requires some reworking of Project KH but that's all Chapter 3 and later. (Please read 'chapter' here as 'volume'.) Sephzero and I can never work on anything short.

Which also brings up an apology. I did mention I was looking to continue Slayers Legacy but... I can't. GOMEN! I was re-reading it and looking at what notes I had and I have NO IDEA where some of these plotlines were going.

So at best I'll start another series...

Oh, and I got the (Japanese) YuGiOh Duel Monsters Structure Deck "Power of Dragons". Too bad the store no longer keeps out boxes of duel cards else I would have bought one as well. The Structure Deck was 50% off too.

Yes, I have no control over my spending habits (relating to anime and manga), what else is new?

UPDATE I did finish that new story start for Slayers, Runaway Bride. Right now, it's only original characters but I think you'll get idea how the canon cast will be showing up.



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