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Monday, April 9, 2007

A very Short Return...zzzzz

I have determined after only two days of returning to work that updates are probably next to impossible during my work weeks. I'm on a 7 day on, 7 day off, graveyard shift. So come Tuesday, I'll be able to focus on writing again.

Even though sephzero and I have gotten very sidetrack with a 'Anime Bandits in Battle City' romp. What is that? You will see.

Shameless people, really, those Bandits.

And I've received several requests for the fanfiction archive that was in my Yoroiden Temple. I know sephzero will drop me into the deepest sea trench he can find before agreeing to that. And it is so much work to convert... I'm still thinking.


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Romeo X Juliet SAIKOU!!!

Gonzo's newest anime, an adapatation of Shakespheare's Romeo & Juliet, at least started off with an interesting premise. And I love Lena Park's rendition of "You Raise Me Up"!!! I've left the official webpage open ( to keep the music streaming. For some reason, trying to play the videos keeps skipping.

That did completely distract sephzero and I with our own version, intermixed with about 7 other stories (at last count), convulated and unnecessarily complicated to fit our tastes. Heavens know if I'll get around to writing it. Maybe after 72 more hours of listening to this track.

I have my two YuGiOh Duel Monster boxes and no Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Plus!!

Though it is nice to finally see on YouTube videos of the Knight. It requires some reworking of Project KH but that's all Chapter 3 and later. (Please read 'chapter' here as 'volume'.) Sephzero and I can never work on anything short.

Which also brings up an apology. I did mention I was looking to continue Slayers Legacy but... I can't. GOMEN! I was re-reading it and looking at what notes I had and I have NO IDEA where some of these plotlines were going.

So at best I'll start another series...

Oh, and I got the (Japanese) YuGiOh Duel Monsters Structure Deck "Power of Dragons". Too bad the store no longer keeps out boxes of duel cards else I would have bought one as well. The Structure Deck was 50% off too.

Yes, I have no control over my spending habits (relating to anime and manga), what else is new?

UPDATE I did finish that new story start for Slayers, Runaway Bride. Right now, it's only original characters but I think you'll get idea how the canon cast will be showing up.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yahoo! (not the site)

I finally finished revising 7th Fantasy and I got a new chapter up for it. Though it took forever for me to figure out how to write the middle section. But now I can move on to Cosmos Canyon for most of the revelations to come to light, or did I have a bridge chapter with Tseng in there...

I'm still working on Zirconia, writing completely original stuff is time-consuming and takes longer for me to get the flow.

As one might guess, the next major arc for Duel Legend involves Pegasus but first I think I'll end up having a chapter more devoted to dueling. Oh, and Jounouchi finally shows up. I like him only a bit more than Anzu (she has good points but for some reason she keeps rubbing me the wrong way).

I haven't even looked at my Slayers stuff yet. I will be continuing Slayers World Bible and I'm still working out an Interlude story for a new original character who will play a part in Lina's later adventures, whether Lina likes it or not. Bwahahahaha.

Oh yeah, it's my birthday so my mom bought a small ice cream (bunny) cake. Mint flavored ice cream, my favorite. And one of my Amazon orders came in, so I have the Murder Princess OAV Volume 1 with DVD collection box, Murder Princess manga volume 2 (heavy influence on the Zirconia story), the single for Wild Arms Vth Vanguard theme 'Justice to Believe', and the Kingdom Hearts Complete Soundtrack. I love the CD pouch that came with it, Roxas and Sora sitting side by side eating seasalt popsicles!

My Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ still hasn't shown up yet.

If my other Amazon order (YuGiOh Duel Monsters DVD boxes 1 and 4, about 20 episodes each, end of battle city and the ancient egypt arcs to the end respectively) shows up before that game does, I'll... I'm not sure what, but my Japanese PS2 is going to be busy for awhile.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Nanja kore wa?!?!?

Thank you lyrebird for that head's up.

I know there are quite a few search-bots that keep hitting my site (I swear they must be the reason the bandwidth is still in the Gigs every month despite my lack of updates these past several years) but this is just ridiculous.

My website got tagged by Google for possible badware hosting/distribution?!?


This and the hold-up with my pharmacist license... makes one just want to scream!!

But it is nighttime and sephzero is already asleep because he needs to wake up early for work so I'll keep mum.

Oh, he's so going to so laugh this up when I tell him tomorrow.

Anyway, I submitted to to perform a review (bottom of the to-be-done queue) which according to them can help to petition Google to remove that tag when my site comes up on the Google search (assuming of course that they don't find anything either). @.@

If anyone finds anything, badware aside, there may still be some broken links somewhere with the site's renovation, please feel free to drop a line here, in the guestbook, by e-mail, and so on.

But I mean really what on earth is Google tagging??? I'm not using anything more advanced than I was using before in the last site version.

I can't wait for a month (or so) for the search engines to stop hitting all of those old areas that I've deleted on my site. I really can't make sense of anything on my error reports right now. Does anyone know, precisely, how long the archives of those things are kept?